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Dec 21st, 2012

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FF Quote of the Week

“Don’t hit the brakes yet. The Holidays are approaching but they have not started yet.” unknown

It’s only December 19th, and the anticipation, excitement and the stress of the Holidays is on.  Don’t let down your gaurds to soon.  Just say no to all those Holiday treats.  If you have to skip a regular workout, find another time to go for a walk, run, or bike ride.  If you only have 10 min, do some squats, push ups, and crunches.  Try and keep your metabolism going.  Work with your trainer who is very flexible on getting in the gym.  If you stay mindful, it will be easy to maintain your fitness level and waistline over the next to weeks.  So don’t put the brakes on to early, stay active, healthy, and strong.

Best Regards,
Ron Eustis

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