Seeking Balance

Feb 27th, 2013

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Seeking Balance

The word balance has many different meanings. Balance is not only an important part of your fitness program, it is an important part of life.  While you are exercising  you are physically teaching your body to maintain its balance. Many people find out the hard way, usually by falling down, that balance can’t be taken for granted.  Balance definitely follows the use it or lose it principal.  It’s important to challenge your body’s ability to balance and react when challenged by uneven surfaces or unexpected situations.  It can be as simple as standing on one foot for 20 sec while brushing your teeth, and the other foot while your flossing once a day. In the gym we can increase that challenge by doing exercises while standing on one foot or better yet doing exercises on the Bosu Ball or balance disks.  Either way it’s important to continually challenge the muscles and nerve endings responsible for balance because you will get stronger, as well as protect yourself from injury. Often times when people trip, fall, and get injured its because they have poor balance and reaction time to a dynamic or unexpected situation.
In life it is important to seek balance as well.  We need to spend time with out families and friends, work, eat healthy, and of course exercise.  It’s difficult if not impossible to to keep all of these things in balance all the time.  The good news is you don’t have to.  It’s just important to constantly what I call “Seek Neutral.”  This just means if you get out of balance for example by working to hard and not eating right, recognize it and make the adjustment quickly. It’s when we don’t recognize that we are out of balance soon enough that we trip and fall.  So in closing I just want you to stay on your feet in the gym and in life.

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